All the things I’d like to do before I die type of list. All of my random desires in adventure. If you like any and would like to help me achieve any of my goals, please e-mail on j9epoetry@hotmail.co.uk

1. Air Dive

2. Rock climb in America

3. Get a “permanent marker” moustache or a funny face on a drunken night.

4. Wear a pink wig to a family occasion.

5. Have a Ballet class.

6. Record a song.

7. Learn the keisuje miyagi slow fighting dance from karate kid.

8. Make a good friend in New York.

9. Perfome a poem in New York standing on a bench in central park at night.

10. Date a French Girl

11. Have my own gallery of Paintings and photography

12. Go for a drifting lesson

13. Have a photo-shoot in the sea.

14. Skinny Dip in a lake

15. Make a tyre swing in the summer

16. Ride a horse

17. Ride in a helicopter

18. Take the children on a safari

19. Go and visit Mount Futji in Japan

20. Buy a piece of Jewelry at an auction

21. Try Sushi in Chinatown

22. Try Lobster in Paris

23. Slap a Comedian and say “It was a bad joke”

24. Go to egypt and pray in front of the pyramids, get my name printed on a cartouche.

25. Visit the rainforest and bird spot, take 20 different pictures of birds and flowers.

26. Visit India and buy a beaded bracelet, gem earrings and spices.

27. Get my dolls house personalised to my dream house

28. Paint a landscape of Japan my own eyes

29. Learn pottery and make a pot to give to my gran

30. Wear Silver leggins outside one day.

31. Buy a tracksuit and wear it! *which means I will need trainers, I dont own any*

32. Buy a stripper pole and learn a spicy dance, recite it to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaXaig_43lU

33. Have a candle party

34. Go to India and Meditate with a buddhist

35. Make Ganja Cake and serve it with strawberries and cream

* Insert for any suggestions*

Would like everyone who attends my funeral or grave to be in an item of Yellow.


9 thoughts on “The Bucket List

    • I have done quite a few, but problem uis I can’t find the pictures of some goaks achieved , kinda wanted to do a write up on them individually

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