Only you one knows 

What it means to be the black sheep 

Raised on the same road 

I was rolled down the dirty street

Almost thirty now and I can see it 

That was me with the pretty face and the bad mouth, 

That was me shouting loud at every crowd 

That gathered around my unfortunate path 

Just weighed in on the taunts and the laughs

Life was hard, I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t bath 

And where were the all stars of the family

Beneath the Facebook tree, immaterially waiting for me

The remedy was simple, I was alone in a temple 

Trying to build up strength for the next hurdle
I was the burden, 

the one whose words were hurting

Responding to what they created

A room full of hatred, attitudes stripped naked

Yes I can see you through the bag of bones 

The broken home, and the rotten stone

You continue to throw 

I will no longer harness a target on my back 

For anyone to take lash, a bash or even a crash

In my direction, and least I forget to mention 

I’ve been patient, I’ve been the patient patient

I’ve been respectful and never respected, 

I’ve been hurt and made to apologise 

with nothing in return I’ve been burned

And what’s changed, what’s turned, whose learned?
I finally took a right direction, 

Left myself the ability to write 

To my every decision, like the black sheep 

That marks my skin I will spill ink 

Until the pineal stops pouring

I will only put my all in, to the suns I have shining

Enlightening me to love what innocence dishes up 

And with that stroke of muck 

I’m finally shampooing your ugly off 
No longer have a flock, 

To mop up the hatred I washed off 

So you’re all running with buckets 

Trying to catch every drop 

To soothe your guilt that you have never been a quilt 

To keep me warm, just a storm 

To keep me dorm, raining thorns 

You’re all blowing some horn 

Trying to alarm the calm I’ve maintained 

Sorry satan you will not have your way 

With me or my family, 

I burned the memories I loved you in 

And begged the universe 

to put you in the ground with him

The minerals need you not the people

There’s no more room for your evil. 

That’s what life and death equals.

Mother Nature brings me miracles 

To leave you hysterical and it is personal

For once I am doing right by the All 

I’ve been good to the ALL, prayed to the ALL 

I loved ALL even when it didn’t love me. 

So ALL gave me a baby and I thanked ALL 

That thanked me, and finally I have been freed 

From the mental clutches of black and white 

I’ve given myself techno coloured stripes 

To wipe my canvas clear every night 

And replace it with electric lights 

Of random creativity and mysteries of the eye

Let out a deep sigh, as the end is nigh 

And I’ve achieved yet another piece of the pie 

My life 
My decision to be self employed, less annoyed 

Or even less destroyed, it’s my choice to walk with poise

Make Facebook noise or play with toys, not being coy 

Just raising boys and no longer being destroyed 

So for once in your life go and get employed 

Fill that emptiness you have inside 

Allow yourself to have a better life 

We are all inclined! 
By Jasmin Peart 

Copyrighted 2017 

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