I can’t trust you with my heart on Or off the floor, this battlefield of yours. 

I’m tired of being sore 

And being more like the poppy

Stopping with a final essence of beauty 

For the world to see me 

To late for saving 

My bones remain in 

And out of your harm 

I qualm whether or not 

To ever trust your arm not to drop 

or crop me down to the ground

I am of sound and mind 

and this body refuses to stay 

beside a man who abuses 

Every piece of kindness

And blinds it with destruction

I’ve had enough and so my friends, 

and so my mum and so my sons

We are done. 
Whether or not you prayed for this plunge, I’m taking one. 

This is now my dive, you can go drive someone else mad, 

Go collide with evil, Find new people to damage, 

I’ve got wreckage to manage 

you damn iceberg with a nerve to be in my way. 

I’ve got current to swim with it, 

take your past, de-frost and bin it, 

we’re all sick of hearing bits of your come cuddle me tricks. 

No one cares what happened when you were 6. 

Nothing can excuse you and you sure as hell cant excuse this. 
I can’t trust you with my heart in or out of love. 

Today I hereby give up and seek refuge 

in my own mothers touch. Good luck 

By J9e Jasmin Peart 

Fresh/Raw/Writers block over! 

12/11/15 midnight 



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