If I were a fruit…

I would be a Scarlett sparkle

Bursting through a deep peep,

Whole of energy or maybe quite sassy,

Like a salsa cherry… Fine dined and merry.

I’d be an occasion of elegant decision, like gently picking

The best present, a perfect gradient, a palette with talent,

Of your Lips-stick to my drips, and yearn more.

The want to squeeze and pour into wine,

Seasoned and preserved for another precious time,

But you’re wondering the scene beneath the mime,

Of Raspberry Bellini, you didn’t see me, A midst your passion,

Because I’m the attraction in abundance,

Like a Sundance, just one glance, like Jasmine, a great plant,

I’d spread my existence…. Enchanting Eden of luscious little limes

Fine lined my follicle nature; Indian ivy couldn’t find me so clear

The answer is in there… Somewhere

And rare…Just have to break me

From the bunch…Desserts of little tastes

I am your grape

Before Your


Jasmin Peart

25 January 2015


Copyright 2015

All Rights Reserved 2015

Poem Inspired by Gardner Stephen

If I were a fruit - Inspired by Gardner Stephen

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