I’m horny and hungry, come love me, she trusts me,
that’s all I’m saying, I eat good, she gasps on air, I’m sucking,
immensely I bend knees, level to her table, dessert… Yes please…
Float to me, I will drink, her springs and coos, seconds of such muse,
I dine inside, a face of napkins, cheekbones high,
finger feeding on her 5* meal of mine…..

Damn she’s fine!!!

Inbetween news, flashes of her nude,
Aside with her thongs, I prolong at this view,
Its summer, she presents me weather,
I can’t lose, toes curling, off with her shoes,
Lady blues, she’s jiving, nectar igniting her hive
Honey lining, I’m dining and gently pining,
To reach deeper, I want to please her,
Always need her, got to eat here!

J9e – Jasmin Peart
Thirsty Thursdays
4 December 2014

Copyrighted 2014
All Rights Reserved



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