J9e – Also Known as Jazz.

Jasmin Peart prides herself in her works of Art including Poetry, Fine Art and Photography. At the age of 25 she has accomplished so much in her years.. A levels in Literature, Philosophy and Art.. Amongst many versatile jobs that all involved creativity. A young woman born/raised in East London, living the more cultural lifestyle with a touch of elegance. She nurtures her two Male children in the hope and love for bettering their future as every mother would and does.

My Boyshh

A Mothers Love – My Boys

I’ve been writing poetry for 13 years now delving in different genres, from cultural to explicit sensual poetry. I like being versatile with poetry although I have high passion in the erotic natures of my ink. I have in many groups on Facebook where I publish poetry and art. My favorite group is THE BLACK POETRY CAFE https://www.facebook.com/groups/137805255140/ . It is an open group for anyone to get stuck in!

I have also won a few competitions in my teenage years, but haven’t entered nothing in adult years as yet. The busy-ness of motherhood and the business of creativity takes up a lot of my engaging hours. In maturity I have written on many subjects on controversial and domestic topics. I do not prove many of these to be non-fiction. If a topic takes me, I explore it to the best of my personal ability to help people who have such e-motions feel more connected to my work. I say e-motion because our energies in motion cause us to react and be perceptive to what we hear and feel.

I am currently creating a novel due to be released in the fall of 2015, I look forward to the public response. It was definitely time to step it up a massive gear from the ‘shade of grey’ you all have been left in.

As for my photography, formally I worked for Daniel Sync – http://www.syncphotos.co.uk conquering the entertainment business by storm. Winning a BEFFTA for best Entertainment Photographer.

Sync Photography Wins BEFFTA awards for Best Photographer

The best part of my job would have to be following the celebrities on a day event and capturing their most precious moments, the anxiety before a performance, the costume changes, the food breaks, the backstage jokes and so much more they offer in visualizing the fun.

Outside of my work the camera becomes my oyster for special things I like to see in my viewpoint. Baby Photography is the most precious and special part of my Job! if a baby was born everyday around my camera I’d be waiting outside the delivery room with two blankets and a background ready to capture!

I also specialize in capturing events from weddings, to funerals, themed parties, model photo-shoots, Celebrity personal Photography, Bridal Parties, Birthdays & Christening & Group Shoots. Throughout the website you will see many images I have snapped and edited.

You may see a portfolio of myself on my website but I am not an aspiring model and I do not wish to be… When you spend years around photographers at work you tend to accumulate folders upon images of yourself. Some you don’t even remember being in. Comes with the Job!

My Fine Art carries with it a lot of poetic content, nothing I paint is pointless and I love to hang some personal work around my home to remind me of this. I had an Exhibition in April 2012 which proved a huge success, there will be one more on its way in the late part of 2014.

If you’d like to get in touch with me for any services I offer or general chit-chat you can reach me at

For Bookings please call or text +44 7506 068 868

email us at : J9epix@outlook.com or j9epoetry@hotmail.co.uk

Social Media Follow me : Twitter & Instagram: @j9epoetry
BBM : 7B28D6A4 await my approval



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