I’ve fallen in love with herbal tea

Just like the way you kiss me

Feeling the warm mist

Caress my lips

Refreshing me in the rising

Soothing me to sleep


Love when your lips kiss

Like herbal tea

Caressing the mist

Of the essence

You leave on me

We linger in mid-air

Light tremors

Ripple our skin

Flesh connecting

Its so refreshing  

Like the Soothing kind

Tongues blind

To the rhythm

In my butterflies


I love when your lips kiss

As a symbol

Placing silent words

At ease

With my cries

I’m comforted by these

The center of my mind

You leave

A cup full of patience

For me

To remember

No matter what happens

I’m never lonely

Your scent lingers

In my sleep and over me

I visualize your kisses

Imprinting endlessly 

J9e – Jasmin Peart

30 June 2013 


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