It’s right there
Stuck in my chest,
An I’m struggling,
To Twist the tap
An let it trickle,
Just a little,
This tingle,
Hurting me
And Taking away.

Wanna be with you
All my days
Never wanted to miss
The sun giving me this,
Your beautiful brown,
And you know,
I loved to just gaze – At you.
Lying next to me,
As in death,
To do the same,
Be insanely
With you,
All my days..
Wrap in my hold
No traps..no cage
You be my main mind
Your love prioritised

I’m fighting cries
So much pain to hide
How can I deny
You missing in my life
I feel lemon ice
Striking my throat
Butcher knives
As I choke
On the cold provoked
By your absence
Your fragrance fading
Into the distance
My heart griping
soul crying
Tears pouring.

By J9e – Jasmin Peart
Copyrighted 2014



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